About us

Linnet Mart Limited is a private company limited by shares. It was established in the month of January 2022. The company started with the aim of exporting, importing, and supplying various consumer and commercial products in Bangladesh and abroad. It also aspires to go for manufacturing in the near future to meet the consumers’ need for high-quality products. It intends to move forward with a certain vision, mission, and values in order to serve the customers and the country.

Our Vision

Linnet Mart Limited wishes to become one of the largest private limited companies in Bangladesh. It also wants to be one of the biggest contributors from the private sector to the social and economic development of the country by creating many job opportunities for people and by generating more revenues for the government. It also hopes to offer the highest quality service by supplying the best quality products to the consumers here in Bangladesh and elsewhere.

Our Mission

Linnet Mart Limited firmly believes in serving its customers and thereby serving the country. The chief leitmotif behind starting this company is not just doing business and making a profit; its major emphasis is on the satisfaction of its local and international customers and that is why the company has adopted “At Your Service” as its main slogan. It holds the view that customers are always right and so, believes that they are the ultimate determining factor in the progress and success of any business entity. The feedbacks and reviews by customers are always at the center of the company’s decision-making. For this reason, the company always strives for supplying the products most liked by the customers and also introducing various new products on demand.

The company also believes that a dedicated workforce plays a vital role in the success of any company. So, it plans to nurture its employees by creating a friendly working environment where they can find themselves as an integral part of the company and feel a sense of belonging to it. It will instill a culture of cooperation in them so that they can work and grow as a team.