Our Services

The company provides personalized service to national and international buyers through its dedicated staff. We import various consumer and commercial products and supply them to cater to the needs and satisfaction of our local customers. We also take orders from our overseas buyers and ship their ordered items within the stipulated lead time.

We have a professional team who work tirelessly to ensure a timely discharge of the shipments to our customers and buyers. Apart from our own stored items, we also take orders from our local customers to bring their chosen products from anywhere in the world and courier them to their address. We also have our own free delivery system within Dhaka, Narayanganj, and Gazipur based on the number of ordered products. As for our international buyers, we collect their ordered products from local suppliers and where needed, manufacture them in local compliant factories, and ship the finished goods to them within the given lead time.

Our Business Experience

Before launching this company, we had the experience of working as quality controllers, merchandisers, managers, etc. in many reputed private companies in Bangladesh. We have also conducted business activities with many leading B2B platforms all over the world. We believe that our job experiences have equipped us with the necessary skills to conduct similar businesses with our national and overseas customers and buyers.

The following is a list of companies that we worked and did business with